The Friends

Friends of the Cultural Arts Center (FCAC)

The Friends of the Cultural Arts Center is a nonprofit volunteer support organization for the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s Cultural Arts Center. FCAC supports the CAC through volunteerism, fundraising and promotion of our many programs, special events and more.

About the FCAC

Among other things, the Friends of the Cultural Arts Center:

  • Acts as a fiscal agent
  • Coordinates art fundraiser events
  • Sponsors special exhibits and programs
  • Produces marketing materials
  • Purchases supplies and equipment for CAC
  • Offers class scholarships
  • Provides professional development grants for staff

History of the Friends

The CAC support group first began in 1988 with a different name. The Arsenal Group was so named because of the history of our elegant old building as an arsenal built in the 1860s. Acting as a fiduciary agent to the Cultural Arts Center’s programs and activities, the support group applied for and obtained government 501(c)3 status as a nonprofit organization. Since then, it has seen several slates of officers and many levels of activity and support.

The staff and faculty of the CAC look forward to many more years of partnership with and support from the Friends group.


  • President: Sandy Aska (Interim)
  • Vice-President: Sandy Aska
  • Secretary: Clare Balombin
  • Treasurer: Gayle Van Marter


  • Sandra Aska
  • Clare Balombin
  • Ric Castorano
  • Doug Howard
  • Kathy Howard
  • Najette Kanoun
  • Kristi Kloss
  • Sandra Lang
  • Robin Mahler
  • Bob Mazurek
  • Franco Ruffini
  • Hal Stevens
  • Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart
  • Gayle Van Marter

Ad Hoc Members

  • CAC Arts Administrator: Geoffrey Martin
  • CAC Assistant Arts Administrator: Todd Camp