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Exhibition Space for Artists

Our intimate Loft Gallery is utilized for smaller exhibitions, usually featuring the work of one or two artists. It represents a great opportunity for up-and-coming artists, particularly those who have honed their skills in our classes!

2023-2024 Loft Gallery Exhibition Schedule is full

On View

Cooking on Gas: Cloth, Plants, Minerals and Color A.I.R. Grace Johnson

May 24-June 26, 2024

Botanical printing on cloth is surface design that is rooted in the history, traditions, and chemistry of natural dyes and knowledge of the natural world. To create this art medium, plant materials (roots, leaves, flowers, bark, seeds) are wrapped and bound with mordanted natural fiber cloth (cotton, linen, wool, silk) and then steamed or boiled. The botanical printed cloth for this exhibit was created from plant and dye materials grown in my backyard or sourced and/or foraged from Central Ohio.

Closing Reception: Friday June 21, 6-8pm
Free Event, Complimentary Food and Drink Provided 

2024 Schedule

Transference: Artwork from the Students in Printmaking

July 5-Aug 10, 2024

Transference presents artwork from Cultural Arts Center (CAC) instructors and recent students created by printmaking methods. Similar to the sharing of knowledge between a teacher and their pupils, a print represents the transfer of an image from one manipulated surface to another, with the use of pressure and ink. At CAC, familiar techniques and materials such as linoleum carving or silkscreening on fabric are demonstrated step-by-step. With the assistance of the presses at the CAC studio, other processes such as drypoint, which similar to etching, are explored during each session. Experimentation is encouraged, and the works on display reveal the myriad of possibilities offered by the fine art of printmaking.

Armor -Weiting Wei

August 16-Sept 21, 2024
Transitioning from girl to mother feels like the moment that we acquire our protective layers, our feathers, our scales, our armor. But our interior becomes softer, more sensitive with the love and bond we develop for our children. So in some ways we are weaker should something pierce through our armor. These works are a reflection of that protective layer. Each of the delicate forms are shaped individually by hand using polymer clay and pieced together to create the larger complex wall sculpture. They are fluid with life, the movement of the feather-like forms are meant to mimic birds, each spending much of their lives taking care of their young, shielding them with their own bodies, sharing their protective layer to provide warmth, similar to how we as mothers care for our children.


Waxed Fusion: Artwork from the Students in the Encaustic Studio

Sept 27-Nov 2, 2024

Enjoy works from the Encaustics class students and faculty created here at the CAC.  Encaustics is an ancient art that means “In hot wax” and incorporates plant resin with beeswax.  The process is fun and easy, with many applications.  It can incorporate papers, collage items, carving methods, photographic materials, pastels and oil sticks to embellish the works.  Explore all the different ways it can be used in this colorful exhibition!

Cold Connections; Art from the Metal Smith Studio

Nov 8-Dec 14, 2024

Using only “Cold Connections” (as opposed to soldering), students from the Metal Smith Studio, will be creating jewelry and sculpture.

Loft Gallery Proposal Guidelines

For the convenience of artists interested in exhibiting their work in our Loft Gallery, we have published a set of guidelines as part of our standard artist agreement.

This document includes information on:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Proposal submission process
  • Artwork format parameters
  • Selection process
Download Guidelines

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Just as Loft Gallery exhibitions generally feature work by artists in our classes, many of the items available at Created, the Art Shop at the Cultural Arts Center, are made by our students. Take a look at the shop and requirements for it.

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