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Exhibition Space for Artists

Our intimate Loft Gallery is utilized for smaller exhibitions, usually featuring the work of one or two artists. It represents a great opportunity for up-and-coming artists, particularly those who have honed their skills in our classes!

2023 Loft Gallery Exhibitions are full


By Clyde V. Berry
March 10 – April 15

Open Reception March 10,  6 p.m- 8 p.m

Artist Clyde V. Berry has rediscovered his passion for art in his retirement. His collection reflects his use of watercolors and fine point markers. Close observation will reveal a series of dots composing each picture.

2023 Schedule

Pandemic Body Language - No Faces/No Places

April 21 – May 27 

Artist William Whitmeyer presents real people disconnected from the real world, physically and emotionally. This theme unfolded organically during live models sessions at the Priscilla R. Tyson Cultural Arts Center. With both models and students respecting COVID-19 protocols, there appeared to be more than just social distancing taking place – body language revealed what facial expressions may have only concealed – the models’ thoughts seemed a million miles away.


June 2 – July 8 

Artist Jameson Gower explores the history of queerness and it erasure from the domestic sphere. He decorates objects that have a history and he explores the possibilities of a different future. He uses beadwork to apply a proactive skin to found objects that obscures the surface but leaves the object intact. He is interested in how costumes camouflage and protective skins are used when making and taking up space.


July 14 – August 19

Jamie Hoy is an interdisciplinary fine artist examining work about gender, sexuality, and the complexities of life. She engages in a multitude of alternative processes, conveying the conceptual meaning behind each self-made work of art. With her knowledge of art history and photographic theory, Jamie is able to bring to life fine art compositions that can stand on their own. Her work pushes viewers to challenge their own gaze and their consumption of her art and beyond.

Many Muses

August 25 – September 30

Many Muses is Linda Turvy’s first solo exhibit – a collection of abstract and assemblage. Her art is a response to her encounters with random, everyday items. Hints of inspiration come from objects that were destined for a landfill. The exhibit conveys the artist’s love of “bricolage” – the art of creating by using a diverse collection of materials that are on hand. The art in this exhibit includes traditional acrylic painting methods often combined with mix media elements, which create relief and texture in two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks.

Art From the Day of the Dead Festival

October 6 – November 11  

The Day of the Dead Columbus Festival presents a collective exhibition of local artists inspired by the Día de Muertos, a celebration of life, death and everything in between. Each piece is a form of tribute to a person, family, animal, or community to honor their lifetime in this world and the continuation of life in the forward step after death.

Beauty in the Negative

November 17 – December 30 

Nature is a theme that runs through Beth Zandardelli’s work. It is represented in the use of cutouts, forming the image in a negative space. Vitreous enamel is used to highlight the design. The colors and luminosity developed with enamel draws the viewer into the pieces. Meg Beech’s work is composed in three-dimensional form. These ceramic sculptures are portraits showing the balance and contrast between clunky awkwardness and graceful beauty. Human reality is seen in the juxtaposition of our flaws and shortcoming with our unique, individual, onw-of-a-kind beauty.

Loft Gallery Proposal Guidelines

For the convenience of artists interested in exhibiting their work in our Loft Gallery, we have published a set of guidelines as part of our standard artist agreement.

This document includes information on:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Proposal submission process
  • Artwork format parameters
  • Selection process
Download Guidelines

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Just as Loft Gallery exhibitions generally feature work by artists in our classes, many of the items available at Created, the Art Shop at the Cultural Arts Center, are made by our students. Take a look at the shop and requirements for it.

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