Loft Gallery

Exhibition Space for CAC Artists



Our intimate Loft Gallery is utilized for smaller exhibitions, usually featuring the work of one or two artists. It represents a great opportunity for up-and-coming artists, particularly those who have honed their skills in our classes!


From The House of Voszi

February 21 – April 4, 2020
Reception: Friday, February 21 | 6-8 pm 

Columbus fashion designer and artist Alvoyce “Voszi” Douglas fills the gallery with her incredible one-of-a-kind designs, drawings, and jewelry. Enjoy an intimate look at her creations, from concept drawings to wearable fashion. Voszi focuses on bold colors and textured fabrics, bringing her work to life.

A Sense of Structure

work by Steven Elbert

April 10  – May 23, 2020 
Reception: Friday, April 10 | 6-8 pm

Work shown in “A Sense of Structure” illustrates Steven Elbert’s fundamental interest in both literal and figurative structure. Sometimes the forms are directly related to buildings, and sometimes they are part of the natural world, exemplifying the inherent geometry of our universe. The works are expressed in multiple media forms, such as Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, and various Printmaking techniques.


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Loft Gallery Proposal Guidelines

For the convenience of artists interested in exhibiting their work in our Loft Gallery, we have published a set of guidelines as part of our standard artist agreement.

This document includes information on:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Proposal submission process
  • Artwork format parameters
  • Selection process
Download Guidelines

Art Shop

Just as Loft Gallery exhibitions generally feature work by artists in our classes, many of the items available at Created, the Art Shop at the Cultural Arts Center, are made by our students. Take a look at the shop and requirements for it.

Our Shop
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