Main Gallery

Centered 2022

May 13th – June 18th
Opening reception May 13th, 2022 6-8PM

Every two years, the artists of the Cultural Arts Center (students, faculty, and staff) show off the results of their creative efforts. Classes from nine different studios will present an amazing range of media and styles.


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Fine Art Exhibitions

The Main Gallery hosts group, individual and juried art exhibitions. The exhibitions typically run 5-6 weeks, with a wide range of themes and media. Artists from across the state of Ohio, United States, and beyond feature their work in this beautiful and unique space.

2022 Main Gallery Exhibition Schedule

Boundary Lines

January 7th – February 12

This show brings together four artists – Erin Furimsky, Nathan Gorgen, Molly Jo Burke, and Katie Davis. All of them test the boundaries of their materials, as well as boundaries of domestic spaces and the roles we play within those spaces, especially those that have been stretched over the course of the pandemic. How can domestic spaces become sanctuary? How can a domestic object become something sacred and other? How can a parent become a goddess in the midst of laundry and sheltering in place?

Tipping Point

February 18th – March 26th

Artists Helen Hoffelt and Char Norman have traveled extensively together, gathering inspiration and materials from the environment. This exhibition is the result of a trip to Ecuador, specifically, Selva Vida Sin Fronteras – Amazon Reserve for Peace. The artists’ intent is to bring awareness to the issues and impacts and human responses to the environment. The work comprises a combination of materials and techniques, relating to the expertise of each individual artist as well as joint explorations and discoveries.

Jon B. Wahling Retrospective

April 1st – May 7th

A long-time weaving and fiber arts instructor at the Cultural Arts Center, Jon B. Wahling is remembered in this exhibition presenting the incredible breadth of his artistry in wood, fiber, paper, dye, and paint.

Centered 2022 - Student and Faculty Exhibition

May 13th – June 18th

Every two years, the artists of the Cultural Arts Center (students, faculty, and staff) show off the results of their creative efforts. Classes from nine different studios will present an amazing range of media and styles.

Floral Arrangement

June 24th – July 30th

An analytical thinker, Evie Zimmer plans and executes her paintings with thoughtful intention. Her large works in oil abstract the floral and organic forms in striking complexity. She finds the visual energy of vivid colors and intricate designs mesmerizing, and hopes the viewers also sense that energy.

Daughters of Athena

August 5th – September 10th

Born and raised in the shadow of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, Evangelia Philippidis considers herself a daughter of the ancient goddesses and historical female heroes of her beloved homeland. These impressive women were mirrored in the feminine community who surrounded her as a child, and fired her imagination.

The Earth is Us: Forging a New Relationship

September 16th – October 29th

As we face critical issues affecting the Earth, we need to develop a better understanding of humans’ relationship with our planet. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition explore the importance of environmental stewardship from personal perspectives. Their work draws from the wisdom of both ancient peoples and modern science; and seeks to show how what happens within the ground beneath our feet, and in the air we breathe, is mirrored within our bodies.

Best Served Cold / Memento: Time and Place

November 4th – December 17th

With “Best Served Cold”, artist Shelley Baird presents a delightfully macabre exhibition of table settings with newspaper stories of murder printed on napkins – all involving food. Balancing these works, Anita Dawson brings us “Memento: Time and Place”, work representing her thinking about a kind of “Golden Age” in American life and the possibility of its loss. Messages from nature in the form of birds, rabbits, frogs and the consolation of beauty in moments like a summer afternoon or dusk in a garden create scenarios for quiet reflection.

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