Main Gallery

Fine Art Exhibitions

The Main Gallery hosts group, individual and juried art exhibitions. The exhibitions typically run 5-6 weeks, with a wide range of themes and media. Artists from across the state of Ohio, United States, and beyond feature their work in this beautiful and unique space.

The Ohio Art League

March 10- April 12

Open Reception March 10, 6 p.m-8 p.m

The Ohio Art League is one of the oldest and largest member-based arts organizations in Ohio. Our history extends to founding members from 1909 and currently provides exhibitions for members spanning 113 zip codes across the state of Ohio. The goal of the juried exhibition is to show the breadth and depth of creative works across the state of Ohio and across multiple mediums.

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2023 Schedule

Columbus Crossing Borders - Auction

April 14 – April 15, 2023

The Columbus Crossing Borders Project is an art exhibit and documentary film created to inspire critical thinking, compassion and support for the millions of people who have been forced to flee their homes due to war, climate, violence and persecution. This auction is a fund-raiser to support local refugee organizations with the sale of amazing artworks by some of Columbus’ most talented artists.

Oleksii Koval

April 21 – May 27, 2023

Starting in 2006, in his native Ukraine, artist Oleksii Koval began to explore hot enamel methods.  His studies continued in private workshops in China, India, and Europe. In his work, Koval addresses subjects as diverse as nature and its elements, human society, or drops of water with their micro- and macro-cosmoses.

Water is Life

June 2 – July 8, 2023

The Cultural Arts Center, in conjunction with the International Global Water Dances Project, seeks to use art to underscore the importance of water to our lives and the need for access by all people to safe, reliable sources of water.  Guest Curator, April Sunami, has brought together local artists working in several media to explore the theme.

Blue and Gray

July 14 – August 19, 2023

Artist Angie Rucker brings the humanity of the Civil War to life by blending color and whimsy with historical facts and artifacts, in her manipulation of original photographs (ambrotypes, tintypes, etc.) obtained from various sources including The Library of Congress. These images give the soldiers on both side of the conflict a chance to face us and allow us to see them as real people.

Out Walking

August 25 – September 30, 2023

Brothers Ted and Tim Murphy bring us a visual treat in a show that combines Ted’s exquisite watercolor and gouache scenes from nature with Tim’s mixed-media figurative commentaries on the human condition.

Reset; Quilt Transformation

October 6 – November 11, 2023

Fiber has never been so amazing! The Art Quilt Alliance expands the definition of “art quilt”, incorporating multiple media, as well as moving out from the wall with three dimensional pieces, including vessels, sculptures, mobiles, banners, kites, and cylindrical forms. Color, form, and substance take over the gallery in a treat for the senses.

A Collide of Scope

November 17 – December 30, 2023

Artist James Terrell seeks to contemplate and document our humanity and spirituality in these singularly turbulent times by creating a kaleidoscope of illusions that tell a host of stories. His dynamic and colorfully saturated paintings project the movement of life and the vibration energy, moving between abstraction and realism. “A Collide of Scope” addresses the anxieties of modern life we all encounter despite race, color or creed.

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