Main Gallery

Fine Art Exhibitions

The Main Gallery hosts group, individual and juried art exhibitions. The exhibitions typically run 5-6 weeks, with a wide range of themes and media. Artists from across the state of Ohio, United States, and beyond feature their work in this beautiful and unique space.

Elaine Fleck: "Interwoven"

Walk through the exhibition: COMING SOON!

2021 Main Gallery Exhibition Schedule

Ekphrastic Fantastic

February 12 – April 17

The gallery opens its doors back up to “Ekphrastic Fantastic”, a call-and-response exhibition featuring over 70+ artists and 140 works of art! Artists were tasked with the challenge of responding to an image taken of art, architecture, textures, and more found both inside and outside of the Cultural Arts Center.

*Ekphrastic – a vivid, often dramatic, verbal description of a visual work of art, either real or imagined (but we want you to turn your 1000 words into a picture (or 3-D item).​

The Earth Is Us


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, “The Earth is Us” will be moving to a Fall 2022 slot. Guest Curator, Char Norman, and a dozen invited artists will challenge us to think deeply about our relationship with the natural world which sustains all life. What kind of planet do we want to leave for our children? Look for art installations both in the gallery and outside in parks and neighborhoods.

Central Ohio Watercolor Society

April 23 – May 29

The Central Ohio Watercolor Society (COWS) is the region’s preeminent transparent watercolor society – and one of only 3 in the nation. The Cultural Arts Center is host for the group’s 2021 Spring Juried Exhibition. Come enjoy the way these amazing artists portray light and color, whether in realism or abstraction.

The Art of Surviving A Pandemic

June 4 – July 10

Local invited artists working in a variety of art forms (visual, poetry, performance, and music) will tell their stories about how they continued to work during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Where did their inspirations come from? Did they learn new techniques? Did they have to cope with the loss of loved ones? These are questions we all have been wrestling with.

Organized and curated by Leticia Vazquez-Smith, President of the Latino Arts for Humanity

Sharone Putter and Philip Sorensen

July 16 – August 21

The gallery hosts the work of two outstanding artists – CAC Instructor Sharone Putter presents a series of recent lithographs and mixed media drawings celebrating the world of construction. Lawyer and artist, Philip Sorensen, is celebrated in a posthumous exhibition of his work as a sculptor.


August 27 – October 2

Artist Elaine Fleck presents a selection of mixed media works that merge fabric and oils into unique representations of the human figure, landscapes, and still life. The exhibition is a rich blending of textures and vibrant colors that focus on nature and how humans are an integral part of it.

Art and Jazz

October 8 – November 13

Visual artist Karin Dahl and composers, Chris Berg, Brian Cashwell, and Michael Cox explore how art and music combine to enhance meaning – showing that music plus art is more than either medium alone. This exhibition will include abstract paintings accompanied by original musical compositions. Ucelli: The Columbus Cello Quartet will also be performing in the exhibition space October 15th at 7PM.

Out of Tunes

November 19 – December 31

Artist Brian Riegel takes reclaimed musical instruments and morphs them into fantastical mixed media sculptures. Most of these instrument sculptures are Steampunk/Dieselpunk inspired, and are bound to make you wonder what you might create from that old clarinet or trumpet that’s been hiding in the back of your closet.

Gallery Proposal Guidelines

The Main Gallery comprises approximately 2800 sq. ft. We feature several types of exhibits – invitational shows, theme shows, and responses to an open call to individuals artists, artist teams and arts organizations. Requests for proposals are sent out periodically through a variety of opportunity notices. Proposals may be sent at any time to the address below, and they will be considered in the next review cycle. We typically schedule exhibitions 12 to 18 months in advance.

We have a set of comprehensive guidelines for artists interested in being featured the Main Gallery:

To find out more about our Main Gallery exhibitions and space, contact the Cultural Arts Center today!