Faculty & Staff

Our Talented Instructors

We are extremely fortunate to have a roster of incredibly talented artists as our class instructors. We are proud to make all of their talents available to our students!

Our CAC Staff

Administrative Staff

Geoffrey Martin – Arts Administrator
Todd Camp – Assistant Arts Administrator
Tom Baillieul – Main Gallery Coordinator
Katie Fisher – Communications, Loft Gallery Coordinator, Residency Coordinator, Main Gallery Assistant
Ellen O’Shaughnessy – Conversations & Coffee Coordinator
Stephanie M. Garling – Media Contact
Cheryl Hill – Accountant

Front Desk Staff

Alvoyce Douglas
Katie Fisher
Jennifer McCracken
Susan Ward

Custodial Staff

Stacy Chandler

Gift Shop Manager

Ann Jelett (FCAC)

Wedding Rentals Coordinator

Jackie Barr (FCAC)