Tiffany Lawson

May 11th – August 31st, 2021

Tiffany Lawson is a professional multidisciplinary artist and Columbus, Ohio native.

Lawson often works with collage, found objects, and assemblage.

“My art is created from items and images that are at hand; previous drawings or items/images collected over time. I have found the practice of collecting and arranging to be innate; a process that recovers the past, secures the present and expects the future.”

Brianna Rhodes

September 14th – January 4th 2022

Brianna Rhodes is a dancer, poet, and educator hailing from Dayton, Ohio.


Rhodes currently freelances and teaches at two dance studios throughout Columbus. She also serves as a lead dance facilitator for the Lincoln Theatre PATTERNZ Summer Camp. Rhodes also teaches several classes online throughout the United States, and performs for multiple festivals and conferences.

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