One-Time Art Workshops

Our recurring art classes for adults are only part of our instructive offerings at the Cultural Arts Center. We also host a variety of shorter, more in-depth learning experiences on a wealth of subjects, from creative writing to raku pottery. Class and workshop registration is handled through the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s registration site. If you do not have an account, you will need to sign up for one before registering for any classes or workshops.

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Color Your Life - Chakra Bracelet Making

June 19th
10AM – 12PM
Cost: $20

Harness the energies to create a positive impact on your life through this vibrant “Color Your Life” workshop! Participants will be introduced to the seven Chakras and their gemstones through the creation of a handmade bracelet. This bracelet can also be used as a meditation tool, with a focus on visualizing color and repeated affirmations. Chakra Color Meditation Bracelets promote increased focus and awareness, as well as a balance to your wellbeing. Materials will be provided, including an Affirmation Card.

When connected through mind, body, and spirit, the possibilities are endless!

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How To Make Cartoneria - Also Known As Paper Mâché

June 19th
10AM – 1PM
Cost: $25

Learn the history of “Cartoneria Mexicana” also known as Paper Mâché! Participants will learn more about the objects that are made using this technique as well as their importance to Mexican culture. Other items covered will include glue making, best paper practices, mold techniques, and more. Please come prepared to get messy!

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Photo Encaustic

July 7th
9AM – 3PM
Learn how to embellish your fine art photos into luminous works of art by
encapsulating them into wax with instructor Bev Goldie! Encaustics allow so many ways to enhance an image by adding pastels, oil paints, or waxes to pump up or soften the appearance of a piece. Your images will not need glass or paper mats, and may not even need a frame! Big advantage!!

It's Always The Write Time

Session 1: June 26th
Session 2: September 25th
Session 3: October 9th
9:30AM – 3:30PM
Cost: $30/session

Join in for a day of creative writing! Starting with warm-up exercises, loosening ideas for writers of all levels, all genres or undecideds! Just as our bodies need to be flexible and strong before we can choreograph dances, we need to strengthen our freedom of spirit, openness, flexibility, courage, and willingness to be playful and enjoy the PROCESS of creativity and the written word! This will be an amazing process full of surprises and open doors welcoming exciting ideas. Bring a lunch and water bottle, lots of paper and pens.

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Session 2 – September 25th: Register here today!

Session 3 – October 9th: Register here today!

The Cultural Arts Center Workshop Experience

Our periodically scheduled workshops, most of them taking place over the summer, are designed to be concentrated experiences focused on specific areas of artistic expression. They allow attendees to try something new without having to commit to our standard 7-8 week classes, and often explore mediums and art forms not typically offered in our lengthier classes. Subjects offered have included:

  • Calligraphy
  • Creative writing
  • Japanese raku pottery
  • Jewelry setting
  • Oil painting
  • Ceramic molds
  • Sewing
Interested in learning more about our summertime and special workshops? Contact the Cultural Arts Center today!