One-Time Art Workshops

Our recurring art classes for adults are only part of our instructive offerings at the Cultural Arts Center. We also host a variety of shorter, more in-depth learning experiences on a wealth of subjects, from creative writing to raku pottery. Class and workshop registration is handled through the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s registration site. If you do not have an account, you will need to sign up for one before registering for any classes or workshops.

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Summer 2024 Visiting Artist Workshops

Sandra McEwen

The Art of Champleve Enamels     FULL

Explore the Craft of Champlevé Enamels as you develop a beautiful enamel pendant from inception to completion in this five day class. Throughout the week, you’ll master the art of sawing and fusing fine silver bases. Following the foundation’s fabrication, you’ll fashion your unique cloisonné wires, embedding them into the fine silver base, and delicately layering colored enamels to bring your design to life. Emphasis will be placed on achieving exceptional transparency and vibrant color clarity. Suitable for all skill levels, some prior experience in jewelry making is advisable.

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Hiroshi Hayakawa


Figurative Expressions   


 June 24th-27th, 2024

Free parking included daily
First payment $200 (Second payment $175 due by June 1st) Call the desk 614-645-7047

Instructor: Hiroshi Hayakawa

For people interested in exploring the potentials of graphite and charcoal drawing taking a mixed media approach using the figure as a subject. Some basic level of figure drawing experience is preferred but not an absolute prerequisite.
Basic under-drawing procedure will be discussed including anatomy, proportions, and measuring methods. Students will learn how to expand the detail and tonal range of graphite and how to use their tools in a more expressive way. Day 2, you will learn how to add an expressive quality to the graphite drawing from the first day using the wash technique.

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Ron Shaull

Hand Paper Making

Suitable for all skill levels

For nearly 2,000 years, until the mid-1800s, all of the world’s paper was made by hand. In this 2-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the steps involved in traditional papermaking, from pulping and sheet forming, to pressing and drying. Master a mould and deckle and explore artistic techniques such as laminations, veils, inclusions, and knockouts. Create papers to make your own stationery, envelopes, cards, and wrapping paper or to use as base material for bookmaking, printmaking, origami, collage and drawing. No prior experience is necessary.

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Mary-Jane Ward

Drawing the Portrait in Graphite

In this workshop we will practice drawing a realistic portrait using graphite on paper, working with a model. Refine your skills to capture the model’s likeness and deepen your understanding of the structures of the head and neck. Instructor Mary Jane Ward will share her approach to drawing the portrait, and working with graphite. Students will watch a demonstration and receive one on one feedback.

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Mary-Jane Ward

Painting the Portrait in Monochrome/Grisaille

In this workshop we will practice painting the portrait in a monochromatic range, using just raw umber and white oils. Working from a model, we will cover tips and tools to achieve a likeness of our model, and discuss different approaches and uses of grisaille paintings. Students will watch a demonstration and receive one on one feedback.

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Mary-Jane Ward

Portrait Painting in a Limited Palette

Paint the portrait using the limited colors of the Zorn Palette! Learn how to work within the limited range of ivory black, cadmium red light, yellow ochre and titanium white. There will be an instructor demonstration from start to finish in oil. Students follow along in oil or acrylic and receive feedback on their work.

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