Class Fee Assistance

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The Priscilla R. Tyson Cultural Art Center and  The Friends of the Cultural Arts Center (the “FCAC”) recognizes that individuals who desire to take classes at the Cultural Arts Center (the “CAC”) may have financial barriers preventing them from doing so.  The Class Fee Assistance program is designed to support individuals who face financial barriers. Under the Class Fee Assistance program, the FCAC will pay for certain class-related costs including:

  • Class Fee (as listed on the applicable class description); and
  • Lab fee (as listed on the applicable class description).

Recipients will be responsible for all other costs associated with taking a class at the CAC, including the cost of supplies and parking.  

Eligibility Criteria

The Class Fee Assistance program is open to all individuals meeting the following eligibility criteria.

  • The individual is at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • The individual has a U.S.-based home address.
  • The individual has an account with the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s registration system.
  • The individual has timely submitted a completed application for the Class Fee Assistance program at least fourteen (14) calendar days before registration opens for the applicable session on a form approved by the FCAC Board of Trustees.
  • The individual either: (a) self-reports that they receive government assistance (e.g., SNAP, EBT, SSI, or Medicaid), or (b) provides a statement of need demonstrating financial barriers to participating in classes at the CAC.
  • Selecting Recipients

Recipients must be selected on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis. 

  • Up to eight (8) recipients may be selected each class session.
  • An individual may receive Class Fee Assistance up to five (5) times in a calendar year.
  • In selecting recipients, preference may be given to individuals who have never taken a class at the CAC prior to their application for Class Fee Assistance.
  • Recipients are expected to participate in classes at the CAC.
  • The administrative staff of the CAC may take any actions necessary to contact potential recipients regarding their selection to receive Class Fee Assistance and to enroll those individuals in classes, including emailing and calling potential recipients and paying for class and lab fees.