Artist in Residence Artist Application

The Columbus Cultural Arts Center is seeking artists for its 2021 Artist-in-Residence program

The Cultural Arts Center celebrates the launch of the ARTIST-in-RESIDENCE [AiR] program with an OPEN CALL for ARTISTS. The AiR program focuses on three main pillars: NATURE, WELLNESS, CREATIVITY. Proposed projects by applicants who focus on one or more of these 3 pillars will be considered for funding. Diversity and Inclusion is a core focus of the City of Columbus and the Cultural Arts Center. To promote accessibility, you may complete this application in writing, or by attaching video, or voice files. If you need assistance with completing the application, please contact the AiR coordinator, Cole Garlando at

If you have not yet reviewed the Artist-in-Residence Guidelines, please do so now before completing the application on this page.

Artist in Residence ARTIST Application

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