Register for our Art Challenge

Columbus Artists! Are you interested in being part of a pop-up exhibition at the Cultural Arts Center? One that also presents a fun and different sort of challenge?  Here’s how it will work…

The Cultural Arts Center, and the Friends of the Cultural Arts Center possess a collection of artworks created by students and faculty over the years.  We will assign a number to these works and, for each interested participant, we’ll draw a number at random.  We will then send you an image of the artwork selected to go with your name (2 – 3 images for 3-D work). We may even send a cool image of some architectural feature of our building.  You then have 3 weeks to create a new artwork reacting to the one chosen.  We’re not looking for you to reproduce the selected work, but to create something new that is inspired by the colors, the shapes, the feelings found in the image.

When you reply that you want to participate in the challenge, we’ll provide more details regarding the timing of the exhibition, drop-off days/times, and plans for creating a virtual version of the show.

So fill out the form below, click SUBMIT, and we’ll respond soon with your inspiration! If you have questions email

Art Challenge Registration