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Where I Want To Be
featuring artist Diana Zimmerman
OCTOBER 1 - 31, 2018
Artist Reception: Friday, October 19 | 7-9 PM

I love painting Mother Nature passionately and some of my paintings are created to make a statement. I feel a lot of people never get to see under the ocean and see its amazing beauty.  As a result, they don't care and/or don't know about how much damage humans are causing it.  I want my paintings to help educate people while also letting them enjoy the wonderful world we know so little about. Some of my paintings show the effects of not recycling or just tossing trash into the oceans. 

Every painting I sell, I provide a part of the proceeds to Green Peace or to a conservation program of your choice.

Diana Zimmerman grew up in Columbus, Ohio.  When she was 22 years old, she went to Hanson Island in British Columbia to help Paul Spong do research on Orcas at OrcaLab.  This is when she fell in love with the ocean and all of the creatures within it.  After returning home and since there was no oceans near Ohio, she decided to obtain a Veterinary Technician license at Columbus State University.  The reason was that she not only loved the creatures below the ocean but also above.  Around this same time is when she discovered a painter named Wayland.  She immediately fell in love with his work of ocean murals.

It wasn't until she was 39 years old when she began to paint. Her primary medium is acrylic.  She creates paintings and full room murals.  She went to a couple Paintnites events and took a class at Columbus Cultural Art Center.  Once she started painting on her own, she would stay up well past 2am painting. If she gets too busy with life and doesn't get to paint for a certain amount of time she would build up a huge craving to paint. She has even started an Art Club at her children's elementary school in 2018.

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