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Watercolor Painting

Learn about the various methods and materials of watercolor painting. Each class will feature a brief discussion or demonstration by the instructor Work at your own pace on your own projects.

Instructor: Suzanne Accetta
Classes: Sat. 9 am- noon
Class Fee:  $58/ $65

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Watercolor Painting Class Supply List 

Suzanne Accetta – Watercolor Supplies

suggested materials list*   *(you can work with what you have so don’t spend a lot)

However, If you won the lottery, I have the expensive list below.


In Columbus: Utrect, Dick Blick, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnns. You can find coupons on line. Utrect and Dick Blick are more expensive for some items. 




For inexpensive brushes, look at the synthetic Golden Taklon. There are a number of brands. If you only want to buy one brush, get a round – size #8, #10 or #12. A ½” flat brush would be nice too.


Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors  and Grumbacher Academy brand are a student grade and not too expensive.

Colors: (ones named “hue” are cheaper), cadmium yellow, cerulean blue, ultramarine, cadmium red, payne’s gray

And  Those are the minimum.  If you want to buy some additional colors add;  sap green,  cadmium orange, dioxazine violet, burnt sienna

If you don’t want to spend much money at all, order Loew Cornell Watercolor Sets, 12 tubes for around $6.00 at Dick Blick or JoAnns.  You could also get a box of Prang.


I don’t think it is worth it to buy cheap paper.My favorite is Arches 140 lb cold press – sheets are 22” x 30” and you can cut them down usually around $6 a sheet

Or Arches watercolor blocks, 10156-1156 Cold Press, 10 Sheets  12" × 16" 300 lb $36.69


Alvin Rectangular Plastic Palette 03046-1029 Rectangular Plastic Palette  11¾" × 8¾"  $3.14

Or    Blick Covered Palette 03036-1002 $11.79

Or    Styrofoam  plates, especially the divided ones, are the cheapest way to go.


•           Small sketchpad

•           drawing pencil

•           Board support – either Gatorboard, foam core or cardboard

•           Masking tape

•           Eraser (kneaded)

•           Plastic container for water (large)

•           Paper towels and/or cloth towels

•           Q-tips

The expensive stuff I use:


            Kolinsky sable are the most expensive.  I have a few an Isabey, a Kalish and a Creative Mark Rhapsody.  Don’t faint when you see the price!

            The workhorse brushes I’ve uses for 30 years are the Pro Arte brushes.  My favorite are the Pro Arte Connoisseur line. Only Jerry’s Artarama carry them.

            Cheap Joe just came out with a Pseudo Sable.  I didn’t like the flats but the rounds are ok.

            I also like the Isabey Squirrel Quill.

PALETTE  My favorite palette is the The Robert E. Wood Palette         


By far, my favorite are the Helix, lightweight drawing boards

next page lists the paints on my palette.  Certainly every artist has preferences. I wish I were rich enough to try and compare them all or famous enough they would send them to me to try. Sigh

The blacks I make are   #1. ultramarine blue + burnt sienna    #2 phthalo green + alizarin crimson

This is my palette:

paynes gray - any brand**    burnt umber – any              burnt sienna – any                yellow ochre - any 

jaune brilliant #1                    cadmium yellow – any          azo yellow                              cadmium orange – any

Holbein                                                                                   M. Graham    

cadmium red light                 quinacridone rose                 permanent alizarin                opera – Holbein

M. Graham                             M. Graham                             crimson- M. Graham                                                                       

brilliant pink - Holbein           lavendar – Holbein               naples yellow reddish           dioxazine purple – any***

Maimerie Blu

ultramarine – any                  cobalt blue – any                 cerulean blue - any               Bleu Royal -Sennelier’s*

cobalt teal - M. Graham        sap green – any                    phthalo green - any ***         permanent green light *

Maimerie Blu

** brands I like are Grumbacher, Holbein, M. Graham (binder has honey), MaimerieBlu, Sennelier, Winsor Newton, Schmincke &  Daler-Rowney.       There are some brands I have not tried.

*I used to use verditer blue from Holbein I am going to switch to the Bleu Royale, it is more vibrant.

*Not sure I love the green yet.

*** If buy Windsor Newton brand they call it Winsor purple, Veridian for the phthalo

There are a few other colors I like, especially for skin tones.  I put them on a separate palet or small container.

Bright Violet-Holbein             Raw Sienna – any                   Mummy BauxiteJ             Quinacridone Gold Deep

   Daniel Smith                        Qor      

Suzanne Accetta has been drawing and painting for over 40 years.  Accetta's paintings are exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally in public, private and corporate collections as well as juried exhibitions. She was featured in COLUMBUS MONTHLY, AMERICAN ARTIST MAGAZINE,  WATERCOLORPAINTING.COM  and in the book THE COMPLETE COLORED PENCIL BOOK.  Her biography is included in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN ART. Presently she works primarily in watercolor and in all her art, she tries to emphasize character, expression and feeling.  She has illustrated children’s books for Continental Press and teaches drawing and painting at Otterbein University in the Department of Theatre and Dance.



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