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Archive of the presentation titled

X-Treme Pupaphobia


Mike Siculan

Conversations and Coffee Program on 2-23-2017

Columbus Cultural Arts Center








Mike Siculan

X-Treme Pupaphobia, the exhibit title, comes from my long-term love for the elusive death/rebirth of puppetry art. Having had my young, pliable brain saturated with the surreal magic images at an early age, I have been addicted to puppetry ever since. Within this exhibit, I hope to give a glimpse into how puppetry and marionettes are ingrained into our popular culture from the 1920s on. Ive included from my personal collection photos, posters, textiles, rare books, film clips and of course puppets, in just about every shape and form imaginable and some not! I hope you will get a contact high from the extreme bliss found in collecting, studying, creating and performing these unique illusions of life.

Mike Siculan 614-515-7127