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It Goes Beyond The Face
work by Timothy Murphy
MAY 2 - 30, 2019
Artist Reception: May 17 | 6-8 pm

Images: (Left to Right)
     Timothy Murphy, What Were You Thinking, Mixed Media (Oil Painting & Ceramics)
     Timothy Murphy, An Academic Disagreement, Mixed Media (Oil Painting & Ceramics)
     Timothy Murphy, String Quartet, Mixed Media (Oil Painting & Ceramics)
     Timothy Murphy, Something Ain't Right Between Tiffany and Zach, Mixed Media (Oil Painting & Ceramics)

Evoking human emotion through expressive sculpted heads and creating a stage and narrative for such characters, this is what I am seeking to portray throughout my works. The paintings I create are a theatre in which these embodied ceramic heads exist to act out their eternal plays; whether they are drawn from subjects like the Bible, or mythology or even everyday events. In recent years I began to combine my paintings with sculpted ceramic heads. I have always been fascinated by the human face . When I was fourteen years old, I started carving faces on sticks; as well as carving boards with faces. As I got older I tried carving primitive style masks and sculpting faces with clay. As my work progressed into painting and beyond I began combining the faces with the painted surface.

My paintings are scrap ply-wood panels typically an inch thick and of similar dimensions. I usually build the frame before doing any actual painting because I want to give the viewer a feeling that they are looking in on the narrative and are a part of the conversation, that these frames are like the curtains of a stage or that they act as a windowpane. Building these first unifies the frame with the painting. Then I proceed to create these envisioned characters ceramic heads as well as painting their stage, whether that be a living room or the depths of hell.

I would like to continue making paintings like my most recent works, I am more interested in the everyday human connections than monumental scenes. Artists like George Bellows as well as others from the Ashcan school and other artists such as Elijah Pierce, Milton Avery, and Joseph Cornell are all people who inspire me in my art making and who I aspire to be like.

                                                                                                                                        -Timothy Murphy 

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