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World Journey in Piano Music

from Argentine to Russia


Pianist Shoichiro Nakamura



Sketched by 



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 September 14, 2017

Columbus Cultural Arts Center

139 W Main St Columbus OH



Milonga del Angel                      Astor Piazzolla (Argentine)

Mumuki                                          Astor Piazzolla (Argentine)

Yesterday                                         John Lennon &

                             Paul McCartney (England)

Three Hungarian Folk Songs            Bela Baltok (Hungary)

Traumerei                                        Robert Schumann (Germany)

Dance of Blessed Spirits                   CW Gluck (Germany)

Waltz C# minor OP 64 No.2      F Chopin (France)

Elegie, Op 3 No.1                             S Rachmaninoff (Russia/USA)

Aphorisms Op 13 No 3 Nocturne      D Shostakovich (Russia)

Prelude from Gadfly                         D Shostakovich  (Russia)

Old Russian Waltz                            Elena Borisova (Russia)

On the Hills of Manchuria               Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov (“)


About the pianist


Professionally he is a scientist and Professor Emeritus at OSU. He received all educations in Kyoto University in Japan and holds BS in Chemistry and PhD in Nuclear Engineering. He was a member of Student Orchestra playing bassoon in college days. While teaching at OSU he took piano lessons from George Haddad, a piano professor at OSU.  He had an accident which caused a severe injury on a right finger in early 90s and became unable to play piano for many years. Fortunately, the nerves came back three years ago, and piano practice became possible after more than 20 years of blank period.


About composers and music


Astor Piazzolla was originally bandneon player for Argentine  tango orchestras  in Argentine. However, with his profound knowledge of classic music, he revolutionized tango and composed many 20th century music.


John Lennon and Paul McCarty are founders, singers and composers of Beetles. “Yesterday” is one of the most popular songs of Beetles. In this concert, it is played as a piano solo music.


Bera Bartok is one of the two greatest composers of Hungary. The other one is Franz List. Bartok collected many folk songs in Hungary, and surrounding countries. He took the melodies into his compositions.


Robert Schuman is a very well known German composer in the romantic era in classic music.  Traumerei is in the album of Children Scene.


Christopher Willibald Gluck, 1714-1787, was born  42 years earlier than Mozart.  Gluck wrote many operas including Orpheo ed Euridice. Dance of Blessed Sprits is played in the third act of opera Orpheo ed Euridice. Austrian Empress Maria Theresa attended in its first performance in Vienna in 1762.

Young husband Orpheo lost his wife Euridice and mourned for a long time. Spirits approached him and suggested that he could go underground and see Euridice on one condition that he never sees Euridice by eyes until both come back to the above ground. Euridice however thought he is not loving her any longer because he would not see her by eyes, so she refused to go back to the live world. Orpheo was disappointed and tried to kill himself. Then spirits quickly approached him and allowed to see her by eyes.  Both happily came back to the live world.

This opera had the form of modern opera for the first time, which Mozart adopted in all his operas.


Frederick Chopin, 1810-1849, was born in Poland but he moved to France at the 1830 uprising when he was 20 years old.  Waltz C# minor OP 64 No.2 was composed in 1847 in Paris, and dedicated to Madam Natheaniel de Rothschild.


Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1873-1943, is a Russian composer but after the Russian revolution of 1919, he moved with his family to New York and later lived in Los Angels. Elegie was composed in 1893.


Dmitri Shostakovich, 1906-1975,  is one of the greatest composers in 20th Century. He is reported to have lived in fear of death under Russian dictator Joseph Stalin regime as Stalin severely criticized Shostakovich’s music.  Some of the Shostakovich’s music is thought to be strange, but others are beautiful and harmonic


Elena Borisova, born 1953, is a Russian composer, orchestrator and pianist. She graduated from the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music. Elena writes symphonic, opera, chamber, instrumental and vocal music. At present Elena Borisova is building a strong portfolio as a film and game composer.

Ilya Alekseevich Shatrov. 1879-1952.  (No details of bio found)

A note he wrote for his music:

     “Around us, it is calm; Hills are covered by mist, Suddenly, the moon shines through the clouds, Graves hold their calm. The white glow of the crosses — heroes are asleep. The shadows of the past circle around, Recalling the victims of battles.

Dear mother is shedding tears, The young wife is weeping, All like one are crying, Cursing fate, cursing destiny!

Around us, it’s calm; The wind blew the fog away, Warriors are asleep on the hills of Manchuria And they cannot hear the Russian tears. Let sorghum’s rustling lull you to sleep, Sleep in peace, heroes of the Russian land, Dear sons of the Fatherland.

Dear mother is shedding tears, The young wife is weeping, All like one are crying, Cursing fate, cursing destiny!

You fell for Russia, perished for Fatherland, Believe us, we shall avenge you And celebrate a bloody wake!”